Thursday, May 3, 2012


The newest thing from the folks at Zentangle (r) is round tiles. They come as a set of 18 in a cute tin. Some are prestrung - divided into areas for you to create tangle patterns in - and some are plain. I 've been pondering making one of these tiles for about six weeks!

This is what the tile looked like before - you can see that it's divided into interesting spaces.

I combined my efforts by trying the round tile and doing the Diva challenge.  The Diva challenge was to use only two tangle patterns "Hybred" and "Strircles". Here is the result.

For this tile I used black and blue Pigma pen and shaded with Derwent Graphinte pencil. I found the Zendala process to be a little tedious. The spaces are small and it was hard not to start making tiny little designs that I would then need to repeat in the four quadrants. I do like the result though.  I think I will try to make more Zendala but really try to keep the patterns bigger - and not worry about keeping the quadrants the same.

If you want to try Zendala tiles they are available for purchase on my website: - with free shipping!

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