Sunday, November 27, 2011

Red Thread Challenge and Thankgiving

I promised myself to start doing the DIVA challenges and here is the first one. This challenge was presented by a guest tangler Cris Letourneau CZT.  Her challenge supports  The Red Thread Promise organization. The challenge is to create a black and white tile  with a red thread running through it. Tiles can be donated to an auction to benefit The Red Thread Promise.

I used one of my favorite tangles - Cadent (left side) then I added two tangles that I had never done before. The red thread is Vega - I think it looks more like a rock climbing rope or fancy drapery trim! I enjoyed using the red but thought it needed black too. Then I couldn't decide if I should shade with regular pencil or use colored pencil. I used regular pencil and I think it looks good! The third tangle is Jetties. I did that one with black Pigma pen and with white Gel pen. I like how the orbs look like they are going to roll right off the tile!

I had a great Thanksgiving with good friends – not without challenges though. We woke up to no heat or hot water! My husband and a buddy “jump started” the furnace and got it working but not fixed. So I did have heat and hot water for the day but it was a stressful way to begin!

I had decided to cook the turkey a different way. This year I brined the turkey.  Here’s how it worked. That darn turkey bird is sat in a spa bath of cider and spices for 2 days and had to be turned over periodically. After it was done in the brine I had to, rinse it, pat it dry and then let it rest for an hour before cooking! Really!  The bird needs to rest after sitting around in a spa bath for 2 days?  Well I had to get up real early to allow enough time for the bird to rest!  I have to say – that was the best turkey I’ve ever had! All of that work was worth it and I’ll cook my turkey this way from now on!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

quilted zentangle

Here's a small quilted ZIA piece. it's about 5" square. It made from batik fabric, thread, and colored pencil. I enjoy making this little pieces. There's something nice about starting and finishing project!

I'm going to start doing the DIVA challenges - Since I'm writing it here I'll have to do it! Here's a link she's also holding a great giveaway! I'll attempt to post the official link to that! But if that fails, it's also on the page you get to with the link above.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nantasket Beach - me and a rainbow!

Here' my blog - Sew Tangled –  where sewing, quilting, and tangling meet! And were sewers, quilters, and tanglers meet there is laughter, fun, creativity, energy, life, and family.

Oh yea, I’m also a wife, mother, dog owner, housekeeper, shopper, collector, beach loving, bike riding, gardening enthusiast, foodie….if I forgot something I’ll add it to my next post!!