Wednesday, November 16, 2011

quilted zentangle

Here's a small quilted ZIA piece. it's about 5" square. It made from batik fabric, thread, and colored pencil. I enjoy making this little pieces. There's something nice about starting and finishing project!

I'm going to start doing the DIVA challenges - Since I'm writing it here I'll have to do it! Here's a link she's also holding a great giveaway! I'll attempt to post the official link to that! But if that fails, it's also on the page you get to with the link above.


  1. Thanks Diane!
    jzzy55 a ZIA is Zentangle Inspired Art -Zentangle(R) is a way of creating beautiful patterns. I'll say more about this in my next blog! The website where you can learn from the creators of Zentangle.

  2. Beautiful pattern choices, Elaine. Gosh, seat-buddy, you are off and running.

  3. thanks - how'd you get that cute little blogger thing on your reply ID?

  4. I love this ZIA! Great texture & dimension in addition to the lovely arrangement of tangles.

  5. Hi Elaine,

    Website is sooo visually appealing - well done! I was a quilter years ago and planning to get back into it. Do you offer online tutoring?! Curious about the little blue Zentangle-quilted piece... what batting did you use to get such high definition? Beautifully done.

    Barbara N. Calif CZT 3

  6. Thanks Barbara! I use really puffy poly batting! so much batting - looks crazy until done. that's why I so heavily quilt the outside area. I'm teaching my methods at Machine Quilter's Expo - Providence RI in April - the class name is Zentangle Insp. Wholecloth - it's on Sat April 14th! Road trip?! Online tutoring? tell me more.