Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'll never grow up

I am still that kid who is more interested in the box than the present inside. My husband just gave me an iPhone 5. WOW my first smart phone but the best part.... The box fits Pigma pens perfectly! So, here's how I spent yesterday afternoon. First I had to remove all of this stuff from the inside of the box. I had to use a knife to loosen it,

Then I had to scrape off the sticky-glue-residue stuff. This is not good for your manicure.

Next I photocopied a Zentangled ensemble and cut a piece to fit into the bottom of the box. I used Mat medium to stick it down and put a layer of mat medium on top to seal it.

The top was more involved because it had a shiny surface with pictures on it. I painted gesso over the top and allowed it to dry. Since I'm impatient I used a blowdryer to speed up the process. Then I cut a pice of the photocopied zentangle and wallpapered the box with it. I used mat medium to adhere and to seal it.

Ta Da! Now my husband thinks he should get an iPhone 5 so that I can make another pen box....which might lead to the need to buy more pens!