Sunday, January 29, 2012

Go Purple

I took a class at Quilts and Treasures in East Longmeadow MA where we made baskets by wrapping fabric around clothesline rope and sewing it together. Well – that was not only fun but very addictive.  I made this basket during the class (I got extra credit for the ric-rac –ha ha!)
Then I started to make this little one. My daughter wants me to finish it and give it to her!

Then I kind of got carried away and started to make a beach bag out of just rope – purple rope! I’ve used two spools of rope – that’s 150 feet of rope folks, and it measures  about 16 x 7 x 3. My daughter links I should add a lime green stripe – should I?

All of this basketry is cutting into my quilting and tangling time. But I got back at it. The Diva challenge recently was to add purple to your tangles. Here’s a page from my sketch book with a couple of purple tangles on it. I used Prismacolor pencils for the purple.

I’m still trying to add all of the official Zentangle™ tangles to my sketchbook. Here are two pages with lots of tangles on them. I tried working with the negative space. It was a lot of fun!
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