Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tangled iPad cover

This weeks Diva Challenge is to use the new tangle Pea-nuckle. I decided to use it on one of my ready-to-tangle iPad cases! This was so much fun. I used Identipen markers in black, Fabrico marker in 181 cool gray, and Copic markers BG15 and BG10. I decided to fill the entire space with tangles but to work really big. On the first side I did three tangles - Mooka, Pea-nucke, and Tipple. A really nice thing happened at the transition between Mooka and Pea-nuckle - one of those happy accidents!
If you haven't tangled on fabric yet you should give it a try! The way that the pen works with the weave of the fabric adds a texture and richness that's really fun to play with.

 On the fip-side I used to black Identipen marker and gray Fabrico marker. I used several tangles and again filled the entire space.

The ready to tangle and decorate canvas iPad cover is availabe on my website. I make each one individually from canvas with a zippered closure and two inside pockets for your stylus and small accessories. Each is lined with beautiful batik fabric.Click here to order! If you email me a picture of your decorated iPad cover I'll mail you a handmade Pen-holder for your sketch book!

Or - you can order a Pen-holder here!


  1. What a beautiful Mooka! I have seen several that I've liked (this one being my favorite), but I have a lot of trouble drawing it so that it looks good. It just never seems to have any punch compared to the patterns around it. Loosening the 'curls' to add more patterns in between is something I definitely need to try. Thanks for giving me hope. ;o)

  2. The texture adds so much interest to your tangles. Your Ipad will be stepping out in style. The patterns and how you intermingled them is fascinating. I agree the the mooka is amazing!

  3. Beautiful. I love the touch of blue.