Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hey Lefty

The Diva challenge this week is to create a Zentangle (r) tile using your non-dominat hand. Well this really was a challenge - I found that I had to turn tile a lot to make up for my uncoordinated left hand!
That was fun, sort of. I don't really feel like doing another one though!

Last Saturday I had a group of Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) at my house to network, learn, and socialize. We had a great time! Plans are already in motion to get together again!

Here's the group!

And we had a surprise visitor - Maria Thomas - co-founder of Zentange (r) !

I gave a short demo on how to machine quilt tangle patterns. A very mini-version of the class I'll be teaching at MQX in Providence RI this April. I gave people a chance to try out the longarm sewing machine - it's harder than it looks! Here's Maria trying her hand at the longarm.

Jeanne Paglio showed us how to make tangled earrings. Here are the ones I made - I'm going to make more of these earrings - it was so fun!

We also heard from Dr. Meredith Yuhas on the clinical study she is conducting on Zentangle.

I've been hard at work in the studio this week making earrings and planning some awesome quilting projects. I've also spent some time on marketing my sewing patterns - you can check them out here.

And..... on Monday I'll annouce a great giveaway!


  1. Elaine.. great job on the Non-dominant hand tile! I sat down this morning to begin mine and decided that the non-dominant hand was NOT the relaxing thing to do before a big work conference call. Will resume later today.

    But.. SAVE that tile and show it prominently to your students! The one I did last year was such a great example to show those students who say "I can't even draw a straight line!" It's such a great exercise in letting go of our expectations and seeing the beauty of our non-straight, non-even lines. So I'll likely do a few more myself, just because they're so wonderful to show students.

    And yes, what a great day that was.. thank you again for opening your home to all of us and feeding the fire that we have to share our stuff and hang out with other CZTs!

  2. Fun times!!! I think those earrings have sales potential. There is q traditional Peruvian needlework style that reminds me a bit of Zentangle's dense needlework -- it's Colca Canyon embroidery. /Users/juliezuckman/Desktop/passport_wallet_embroidered.jpg